It has been officially confirmed by PEOPLE that two more celebrities had a wedding ceremony on Saturday. We are speaking about Simone Sestito, concert producer, and Mena Suvari, famous actress. They tied the knot in Italy, in one of the private churches in Vatican City.

One of the interviewed guests didn’t hide his delight and confessed that the ceremony was really unparalleled, the bride looked stunning and it was obvious to all the present guests that the newly weds were madly in love.

Right after the wedding ceremony there followed a private reception outside the city.

Tabloids told the public two years ago that this couple had an official engagement in 2008. 25-year-old Sestito and 31-year-old Suvari met at the Toronto Film Festival for the first time in 2007. The decision concerning the choice of the wedding place was not accidental. Practically the whole family of Sestito lives near Rome.

Then, two years ago the concert producer shared with PEOPLE that a kind of connection established between them because Mena Suvari was so understanding and caring.

Just to inform the readers we will add that the public will have a chance to see their favourite actors, Mena Suvari and Dave Annable, in the comedy under the title You May Not Kiss The Bride.

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