Michael Jackson’s body may be exhumed for further testing as part of the involuntary manslaughter trial against his former physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.

Tipsters tell British tabloid News of the World that Murray’s lawyers want to challenge the findings from the original autopsy — arguing that the King of Pop may have died from the misuse of other drugs rather than the overdose of Propofol which is claimed to have killed him in June 2009.

“If the tests don’t concur with the coroner’s findings, they have the start of a strong defence. The logical next step would be to exhume the body to make new tests,” whispers a spy.

Permission has already been granted to re-test the frozen samples taken from Michael’s corpse — the next step could be to exhume his body.

“This is a horrifying situation the family have been dreading. They laid Michael to rest and for him to return is just sick,” said a friend of the Jackson family.

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