It has become confirmed that Michael Jackson earned more after his death than being alive.

This situation repeats Elvis Presley and Yves Saint Laurent’s cases. Their estates grew a lot after their death.

We all know that the singer’s estate was going to collapse as Michael Jackson had to pay off about $500 million of debt. But right now it is clear that the pop king’s inheritance will be enough to support his mother Katherine and his three children and even make some charity donations.

The estate has gained around $250 million after the musician’s death. $70 million was paid to partially cover the debt including $5 million which went to mortgage payments. Of course, the primary debt is remaining but interest is paid by a flow of cash. The former lawyer of Michael Jackson, Lance Grode, says that it will take a long time for the family to pay off all the debts but the process of pay-off has already successfully started.

A list of deals proves that Michael Jackson’s estate will keep on growing and finally will become even digger than it could have been as a result of the singer’s comeback concerts.

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