Now it is almost a confirmed report that Microsoft’s new slim Xbox 360 will be available this fall. This can be made out from an internal marketing Q&A with the software giant. The market is eagerly awaiting the release of Xbox but only rumors about it so far has fed the reports

Reports also are that Microsoft has confirmed that Kinect will be a stand-alone product. It will also be available as part of a bundle ‘with the newly designed Xbox 360 console. However, Microsoft has not given any indication so far on the prices front. It has said that it has no additional details regarding pricing or retail strategy that it can reveal at present.

Microsoft has not also made it clear if the Xbox will fall in the $199 since the $299 model that was announced at E3 will be having a 250 GB HDD. It will also have a built-in wireless capability. This will include 802. 11n support, which is the fastest WI-Fi in any console

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