In a room that was full of famous actors, i.e. Jack Nicholson, Julia Roberts, Harrison ford and Helen Mirren, there was a person who shined brighter compared to all the screen stars.

Actually, it was Mike Nichols, a famed director, who was in the spotlight. In Fact, he has become the winner of the 38th American Film Institute Life Achievement Award. He received the award for his contribution to the industry. The biggest names of the business stepped out in order to show their respect as well as support.

As a matter of fact, he managed to get an Oscar, Emmy, Tony as well as Grammy. He is considered to be the twelfth person who managed to win the major US entertainment awards.
He celebrated the occasion with Cher, Emma Thompson, Natalie Portman, Steven Spielberg, as well as wife Kate Capshaw, Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Beauty and Annette Bening, etc. Also Forest Whitaker, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Robin Williams were seen at the event.

One should mention that many attendees in the room were in Mike’s shoes as recipients of the prestigious award, i.e. Warren and Michael, Jack, and Harrison.

The event was full of emotional moments.

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