Now that her days as Disney’s Hannah Montana are done, controversial teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus is readying her next film role. Remember when Miley starred in Rock Mafia’s “The Big Bang” music video alongside Kevin Zegers? Of course you do. What you may not know is that Cyrus’ separated stage mom, Tish, is working with producer Suzanne Todd to turn the concept of that promo into a full-length film drama, starring Miley, of course.

The music video shows Miley and Kevin engaging in various romantic entanglements “blur fantasy and reality,” combining all the aspects of mystery, adventure, romance, and the supernatural.

It would make a great plot for a film, a tipster with ties to Tish told E! Online this month.

“Tish and Todd are hatching the script with Miley’s musical collaborators Rock Mafia, the song and music video’s producer.”

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