It turned out that Miley Cyrus has never seen Glee. When someone asked if she is a Gleek, she did not know what to answer. When she learned who is a Gleek, she said that it is not something she would want to be.

The young singer admitted that music is her forte. She prefers to listen to Coffeehouse, she is more prone to listen to the depressing lullaby music. Miley admitted that she is like an old lady that prefers boring.

She also wants people to known that she is not considered to be the wild child as many consider so. She said that only idiots are on drugs, and she is not that kind of person. She keeps in her mind that she will be cool and will have a lot of fun on her way. When she sees people do drugs she understands that they look stupid and they do not look sexy of hot.

For Miley Love is considered to be her drug. She said that her relationship with Liam Hemsworth is going strong as an ox. In fact, the couple has been together for a year. Liam is an awesome friend. Things are going well with him and for that reason Miley is thinking to relocate to his hometown in order to be with him.

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