The representative of Mindy McCready told to the media that the singer was not on drugs and it was just an over reaction of her mother. Brent young, the represenetative of Mindy says that she did break her toe some two days before and her mother gave her four Darvocet pills when she complained about her pain. Darvocet is a strong narcotic painkiller. After taking the medicine, Mindy told her mother that she was not feeling well and this made her mom to overreact and dial the emeregncy number 911.
The singer has now accused that her mother did this purposefully so as not to hand over her child. Mindy has been engaged in a legal batle with her mother for the custody of her son. Mindy’s spokesman says that her mother is simply trying to make her case stronger through such a play. The singer has a bad history of alcohol consumption and was even punished by the court. Mindy is still not able to believe that her mum did such a thing to her. Dr Drew has told media that there was no evidence of any relapse and Darvocet was an appropriate medicine for her pain

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