Spirited Away MinecraftWhen I’m not watching movies, I’m usually off playing videogames – so I especially love it when two of my life’s greatest passions intersect. We’ve got lots of that happening in today’s roundup.

Let’s kick things off with yet another cool Minecraft recreation of something beloved by film fans – this time it’s Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away that’s been reimagined in blocky detail. The work was done by Alan Becker, who has painstakingly recreated pretty much every nook and cranny from the famous feature.

I’ve never entirely gotten the allure of Minecraft (I’ve never been a big LEGO guy either – and Minecraft seems to be LEGO in videogame form), but I definitely appreciate the work and craftsmanship that goes into making this stuff. Check out some comparison photos above, and prepare to be amazed. You’ll find even more over at Spirited Away Minecraft [via Kotaku].

Next up, I’ve got the brand-spankin’ new trailer for From Software’s Dark Souls II. While this franchise has nothing to do with cinema (except that I think it would make a fantastic film in the right hands – sort of a dark counter to Jackson’s Tolkien films…), it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in computer animation. Some of the vistas and monsters are truly stunning.

The newest installment promises to be just as brutally punishing as its predecessors – and will be in stores on March 11. [via Polygon]

Finally, we wrap things up with another trailer – this one for the just released strategy role-playing game, The Banner Saga.

What’s so amazing about this game is the animation – which looks like classic era Disney artwork merged with the Rankin Bass version of The Hobbit. The tale of Vikings on an epic journey was funded through Kickstarter, and demonstrates that sometimes your money is actually put to good use when you join a crowdfunding project. Seriously, the artwork in the trailer is stunning. Have a look for yourself, then pick up the full game on Steam. [via PC Gamer]


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