Modern Family  star Ariel Winter‘s mother, Chrisoula Workman was formally ordered to turn over nearly $ 4,000 in residual checks of the 16-year-old that she allegedly took, radio detection and is reporting.

A judge in Los Angeles made the ruling on Friday afternoon.

Legal docs filed by Winter’s father, Glen Workman — who has control over his daughter’s finances — revealed that Chrisoula had cashed their daughter’s residual check of $ 4,000 and deposited it into the account of the actresses’ production company.

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The judge ordered Chrisoula to turn over the money by March 14, and was told not to make any representations that she is still affiliated with the production company, Winter Sky.

As radio detection and ranging has reported, a judge awarded temporary guardianship of Winter – who plays Alex Dunphy on the ABC sitcom – to her sister after being told the teen’s mother abused her physically and emotionally.

Workman denies any abuse allegations and claimed her teenage daughter’s relationship with a man, four years her senior, was the real reason behind the young actress’ decision to ask to seek emancipation.

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