A fight appeared in the family of Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman. As a matter of fact, her family wants to make a cremation of Monica’s body. But her husband is against this decision.

According to some sources, Bruce Beresford-Redman did not give his consent for the cremation of Monica’s body. As for the family of Monica, it is taking a contrary position.

It turned out that during the interview of Mexican authorities and Bruce, he was told that he had to make arrangements in order to transport the body of Monica to the United States. Apart from that Bruce had to sign a document about the transportation of the body. According to Bruce, that document did not have anything common with cremation of the body.

According to sources, the only thing that Bruce did was providing sisters of Monica with his credit card in order they could solve the transportation issue and nothing else. But Carla Burgos claims that she did not receive any credit card from Bruce, meaning that her family is taking care of everything.

Actually, the body of Monica was not cremated as it was sent to L.A.

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