It has become known that Katie Cassidy, Leighton Meester, Corey Monteith and Selena Gomez are playing roles in a romantic comedy called Monte Carlo which will be released next year.

One of the sources informed PEOPLE that this film has already been shot for seven weeks by Budapest studios. During this quite a long period of time the сo-star girls became so good friends that they even called their relations a kind of chemistry or something practically conspiratorial. So, they adore each other for real.

The main story line centers around one cheap France travel package with so perfect conditions that it’s difficult to believe in it. But the trip turns out to be horrible: it happens to be a tour better described as ‘No Time To Lose’ where everything is so terrible – a hotel, food and so on.

The following two weeks the filming will take place in Monaco where Corey Monteith will join the cast.

Cassidy, Gomez and Meester came to Paris on Saturday. Their working day started immediately there at the airport. All the cameras were already installed at Terminal 2E of Charles De Gaulle airport. At the very beginning the arrival of the stars and then boarding their tour busses was caught by cameras.

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