On Sunday the earth’s satellite is all set to block the brightest star that can be viewed bt the inhabitants. But it would be visible at day time in the india, thus it would be a rare view for us. While Sunset would will bring a beautiful scenery for you on the sky where the the placid crescent moon will be very close to the bright Venus.

the director of Delhi-based Nehru Planetarium Rathnasree Said, “On Sunday, the moon will come between Earth and Venus, obstructing its view. In the beginning, the moon positioned at about 30 degrees east of the sun along with Venus will be placed well above the horizon.”

expleining the occulation, the director said, “City residents can view the celestial formation, which is not rare, from 3.49 pm to 5.13 pm. A person should face west and look about 30 degrees above the sun but he should not look at the sun directly. Venus will be to the moon’s east. However, as the event will happen in the daytime, one will not be able to view Venus going behind or peeping out from behind the moon. But once the sun sets, the moon-Venus pair with the crescent moon close to bright Venus in the west will form an ethereal sight.”

The similar formation will again be visible on June 30, 2011 and February 26, 2014. But the indians would have to wait till September 16, 2036 to see this happening clearly at night which earlier occured on June 18, 2007.

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