Searing heat, subzero scorch, glowing radiation, vacuum-like suctions, even space — there is no environment the water bear can’t survive!

More than 900 species of the invertebrates, formally known as Tardigrades, are found in locales such as Roan Mountain, Tennessee.

The eight legged creatures boast unreal survival rates with the ability to tolerate the most extreme temperatures imaginable — ranging from -328 degrees to 303 degrees, and up to 5,700 grays of radiation (10-20 bring upon death to human beings), Animal Planet reports.

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They have the ability to rid themselves of water and shut down their systems if conditions are too extreme, picking back up again when things are more favorable.

The Tardigrades can live a decade without so much as a drop of water, getting their primary nourishment from the cells of plants and animals. They primarily live in aquatic settings such as moss and lichen.

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You can watch the fascinating Animal Planet video right here on radio detection and

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