This weekend, “Playing for Keeps” hits the big screen. The film stars Gerard Butler as a former professional athlete who looks to pick his life up again by becoming his son’s soccer coach.

Unfortunately, from the looks of the reviews, this movie is far from the enjoyable light-hearted romp it bills itself to be. According to its current Rotten Tomatoes score, making “Playing for Keeps” was a big mistake. Luckily, this gives us a perfect excuse to once again revisit our recurring Movie Mistakes feature (hooray!). This time around, we tied it to sports movies (yeah, we know the movie leans way more rom-com than it does sports — just go with it). A big thanks to for once again providing us with some quality mistake footage from past films.


  • ‘Happy Gilmore’ (1996)

    Thought “Happy Gilmore” was perfect? Think again! The 1996 flick starring Adam Sandler as the failed hockey player-turned-pro golfer is a favorite in the sports comedy genre. But, during one of the less-happy (get it?) moments, when his grandmother (Frances Bay) has to move into an assisted living facility, her suitcase disappears from one shot to the next.

  • Mr. Destiny (1990)

    In the 1990 sports comedy “Mr. Destiny,” James Belushi stars as the misfortune-prone lead, who believes all his problems stem from a high school baseball game. While this movie is all about righting the past, it seems to have taken that sentiment a bit too literally. In the car crash scene, the windshield instantly repairs itself from one frame to the next.

  • ‘The Karate Kid’ (1984)

    “The Karate Kid” became an instant sports classic when it was released in 1984. Ralph Macchio stars as the titular lead who is bullied at school and seeks the tutelage of a handyman/martial arts master. When Daniel first meets Ali (Elizabeth Shue) on the beach, sparks fly for the thin-limbed boy. But, from one scene to the next, his sweat stain shrinks — and we all know that <em>that</em> never happens when you’re faced with a crush.

  • ‘The Longest Yard’ (2005)

    Adam Sandler stars in the remake of the 1974 film as a spurned quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers who forms a team with prison inmates. In line with the Sandler paradox, the 2005 comedy racked up a hefty sum at the box office but was generally panned by critics. It also had a few continuity issues, like during this on-screen fender bender, where the bumper is magically repaired in the next scene.

  • ‘Blades of Glory’ (2007)

    Will Ferrell and Jon Heder play the most colorful skaters to ever do a triple axel in 2007’s “Blades of Glory.” The one-time rivals team up to take the ice by storm and the comedy became a big hit at the box office. Nevertheless, in this scene, behind Heder’s luxurious blond locks, rests a bottle that disappears in the next shot.

  • ‘Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story’ (2004)

    Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller play the modern-day David and Goliath in 2004’s “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.” In order to keep his small gym from folding up, Vaughn must best Stiller and the rest of his fancy gym minions at a dodgeball competition. While (spoiler) they succeed, when the treasure chest prize is opened, at first there is a sign, which, in the next shot, vanishes.

  • Major League (1989)

    Made for only $ 11 million, 1989’s “Major League” became one of the most popular sports films ever. Here, Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger and Corbin Bernsen star as three teammates on the designed-to-fail Cleveland Indians. But, when the trio learn of the plan, they begin to win out of spite. Unfortunately, the feel-good movie did have a few misses, like in this scene. Here, the coach moves much further to the right of the catcher in just a split second.

  • Rookie of the Year (1993)

    It’s every little kid’s dream: A 12-year-old little leaguer (Thomas Ian Nicholas) suddenly is gifted with a major league-level arm and becomes the pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. The film boasts a number of comedy legends, including John Candy who brings about this particular on-screen mishap. At one moment, Candy is holding the microphone and, the next, it is stationary on the table.

  • ‘Friday Night Lights’ (2004)

    “Friday Night Lights” follows an underdog football team in 1988 as they make their way toward the state championship. The film — and the 2006 series that it spawned — became a fan favorite. If you wiped the tears from your eyes during this scene, you might have caught its mistake — a window covered in dirt one second, then squeaky clean the next.

  • ‘Miracle’ (2004)

    “Miracle,” the story of Olympic triumph for the 1980s US men’s hockey team, had hearts swelling with pride in 2004. However, you might have been too busy chanting “U S A” to notice that here, the flag is being held differently from one shot to the next.