Tokarev: The work ethic of Nicolas Cage cannot be denied. He has four films on the 2013 release calendar — including Joe, pictured — and he’s now booked another indie thriller, titled Tokarev. He’ll play a man whose daughter has been kidnapped; as he searches for her, he begins to realize that his past criminal activity and violent instincts are coming back to haunt him. Production is expected to begin in May. [Variety]

Finding Nemo 2: Albert Brooks has signed on to reprise his role of a worried father in Pixar’s Finding Nemo 2. The sequel has been brewing since last summer, with original co-director Andrew Stanton (John Carter) set to direct and Ellen DeGeneres also returning. The 2003 original got a 3D re-release last fall; the sequel is probably several years away. [Deadline]

Finding Nemo

Catch-22: At the height of their popularity in 1967, Simon and Garfunkel contributed one new song (“Mrs. Robinson”) and allowed the use of two others in Mike Nichols’ smash hit The Graduate. Nichols then cast both of them to make their acting debut in 1970’s Catch-22, but now Art Garfunkel says that Nichols’ decision to cut Paul Simon’s role from the movie led directly to the break-up of the multi-million selling pop duo that year. [The Guardian]

G.I. Joe: Retaliation TV Spots: In the realm of ridiculous, over-the-top action movies, G.I. Joe: Retaliation looks determined to grab the top spot this spring. Two cheeky new TV spots highlight the basic idea: weapons fly through the air, guns are fired, stuff gets blown up. Dwayne Johnson, Channing Tatum, and Bruce Willis star; the movie opens on March 29. [Collider]

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