It’s infuriated everyone from corporate sponsors to media watchdog groups, now see what television’s new most controversial series would look like if it were targeted toward 10-year-olds!

Hey, don’t count it out just yet. There’s a thriving market for it this kind of concent over at Nickelodeon!

Meanwhile, prospects for a second season on MTV are looking anything but rosy for Skins, says TV critic Ben Madelker.

“Quite frankly—no one I know watches ‘Skins,’” the pundit writes. “Absolutely no one is talking about ‘Skins’ on the Internet. Maybe in some forum, somewhere, but it’s not being talked about on Vulture, Gawker—I’m not seeing links on Facebook, I’m not seeing things on Twitter,” Madelker continues.

“I forget the show is even on. I don’t even know when it’s on, to be honest. If you’ve seen pictures of this cast, they look sickly. Not only do they look sickly, they actually look their age—and they’re all shirtless. There’s sort of an ‘ick’ quality to it. And ‘Skins’ seems to take itself very, very seriously. Ever since they first started showing ads for it last year, it just didn’t make sense. You just saw all of these wasted, malnourished kids …, and it just wasn’t appealing. It totally misses the mark, whether it’s because it gives you that ‘icky’ feeling or because it doesn’t look like a fun show.”

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