Nanny McPhee (Widescreen Edition)

MR CEDRIC BROWN HAS JUST LOST HIS WIFE & IS NOW LEFT WITH HIS SEVEN CHILDREN WHO MISBEHAVE SO MUCH THAT ALL THE NANNIES HAVE RUN AWAY. NOW HE IS TOLD BY A MYSTERIOUS VOICE THAT HE SHOULD GET NANNY MCPHEE WHO IS A MAGICAL WOMAN WITH SPECIAL POWERS.With hairy warts, a stern-looking unibrow and one extremely protruding buck-tooth, Nanny McPhee is a wonderfully comedic substitute for Mary Poppins in this entertaining family fantasy. By loosely adapting Christianna Brand’s Nurse Matilda children’s books of the 1960s, Oscar®-winning screenwriter Emma Thompson (Sense and Sensibility) has also given herself the plum role of Nanny McPhee, who can tame even the most unruly children with a tap of her magic walking stick. Her latest challenge is the bratty brood of a recent widower Mr. Brown (Colin Firth), who’s under pressure to find a new wife or lose his much-needed allowance from wealthy Aunt Adelaide (a tailor-made role for Angela Lansbury). His love for scullery maid Evangeline (Kelly Macdo

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List Price: $ 14.98

Price: $ 6.27

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