There could be a crack in the five-year-old cold case of missing Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway.

On Tuesday, Dutch news agency De Telegraaf revealed that a damaged jaw bone discovered off the island of Aruba — where Natalee went missing in 2005 — may be that of the petite blonde.

Tourists staying at the nearby Phoenix Hotel found the bone while frolicking on the beach over the weekend. The beachgoers took the unearthed bone and turned it in to the front desk. Hotel officials then called the authorities who turned it over to forensic experts. In a scene ripped from a CSI script, forensic experts are testing the piece of bone for a possible DNA or dental record match.

Holloway was last seen alive with Joran van der Sloot, a local playboy now facing a life term in a Peruvian prison after he “allegedly” murdered a young woman there earlier this year. He has never revealed any information regarding Natalee’s whereabouts, but the story has captivated news gawkers for years.

In 2009, the story of Holloway’s disappearance was turned into a Ripped-From-the-Headlines TV movie produced by the Lifetime Network.

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