We don’t do much television-related news on Movies.com because the site is called Movies.com for a reason, but every once in awhile movies and TV  roll around in bed together, and we’re here to catch all the dirty moments on tape. There’s a reason why Community is one of the better shows on TV, and most of it boils down to the great cast and whip-smart scripts that play better to the nerd crowd, but are nonetheless entertaining enough for all to enjoy.

One of the nerdier things they’ve ever done has to do with Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. Those familiar with that movie (and you better be!) will remember that in order to summon Beetlejuice, you need to mention his name three times. Well Community decided to play around with that, except they didn’t do it in one episode — they stretched the joke out across three seasons. Someone compiled the joke on YouTube, showing us each time Beetlejuice’s name was mentioned (season 1, episode 16, season 2, episode 8 and season 3, episode 5), and the resulting gag. C’mon, is this not more than enough of a reason to watch this show religiously or what?

[via Reddit]

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