“The Oprah Winfrey Show” had featured the trailer of the most awaited movie, the trailer of the brand-new “Eclipse”. So now if you are a Twilight fan then let me tell you the Oprah introduced in her site the time it appeared in Chicago i.e. at 9 a.m. CT. one can easily now figure out, if the Eclipse truly depicts the clearer sense of the movie which the earlier one gave to fail.

The “Eclipse” emphasizes more on violent front as compared to the love triangle. We had seen the love triangle between the Bella played by Kristen Stewart, Edward played by Robert Pattinson and Jacob who plays the role of the Taylor Lautner in the previous one.

Now we will witness the vampire girl Victoria played by Bryce Dallas Howard who has come forth this time with her newborn army of vampires.

The last part of the movie has the bad girl vampire running into the woods from the Edward where Jacob in his wolf pack leap follows him for the fight. “The Twilight Saga” will definitely give viewers an idea of what the movie is all about and might help create more fan followers to the Saga league.

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