… FX has announced a new mega-sized comedy block for this summer, headlined by Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management. Beginning June 28, FX will air a two-and-a-half hour set starting at 9pm. Back-to-back episodes of Anger Management will air from 9pm to 10pm, followed by Season 2 of Wilfred, Season 3 of Louie YAY, and Russell Brand’s new variety show, Strangely Uplifting. Anger Management will start with two new episodes, and subsequent weeks will feature an encore presentation at 9pm and a new episode at 9:30pm for some really funky scheduling. [FX via press release]


… Discovery has announced the premiere date for its goofy reality competition show Unchained Reaction: March 18 at 10pm. In the series, hosted by Mythbusters‘ Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, two teams will build giant contraptions that set off chain reactions. Mythbusters will also move time slots to air with Unchained Reaction starting Sunday, March 9pm. [Discovery via press release]


… An upcoming episode of Bones will feature Brennan writing a movie based on herself and Booth. Ashley Jones (The Bold and the Beautiful) will play Dr. Kathy Reichs and Jordan Belfi (Entourage) will play Special Agent Andy Lister in the movie-within-the-show. [TV Line]

… Marin Ireland, who played white-girl terrorist Aileen on Showtime’s Homeland, has been cast in Season 2 of AMC’s The Killing. She’ll play the touch-cookie sister of Detective Holder. Is anybody going to keep watching the show after the outrage over Season 1’s finale. [TV Line]

… You can all relax now! George Lopez is making his way back to television! Lopez is working with Lionsgate on a multi-camera comedy about… a Latino family. Let’s see what network has the cojones to pick this one up. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Jamie Chung (meow!) has been cast in Fox’s spy pilot The Asset. In the thriller, Ali Larter plays a sexy CIA agent. That’s all you need to know. Chung will play a CIA employee who’s an expert at polygraph tests. Holy moly, this is the sexiest CIA agency ever. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Victor Garber (Alias) has been cast in NBC’s Notorious. The soapy drama revolves around a woman who goes undercover within the wealthy family that raised her to solve a murder. Garber will play the cranky old patriarch. Elsewhere, Charlie’s Angels‘ Rachael Taylor will join ABC’s 666 Park Avenue, about a haunted apartment building in New York. Taylor’s casting completely cancels out the fact that the awesome Terry O’Quinn is also on the show because she is not a very good actress (and I’m basing that only on Charlie’s Angels but feel it’s okay because I’m still in pain from watching that show). [Deadline Hollywood]

… Missi Pyle (The Mentalist, but I’ll always remember her from GalaxyQuest) has been cast in Fox’s comedy pilot Prodigal Bully. The show is about a young boy who is blessed with both brawn and brains. Pyle will star opposite Mike O’Malley as the boy’s mother. [Deadline Hollywood]

Desperate Housewives has booked Quantum Leaper Scott Bakula for an arc. He’ll play Bree’s conservative lawyer and defend her against a murder charge. [TV Line]

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