… Pervy radio host Howard Stern is in discussions to America’s Got Talent as a judge. It would be a major win for the show, which has been in need of a little more star power since David Hasselhoff left the show a few years ago. NBC and Stern are reportedly working on a deal worth $ 15 million a year. Which is good because Stern is really hurting for money after spending it all on sybian cleaning services. [NY Post]

… The spot on America’s Got Talent that Stern will potentially fill is open because Piers Morgan announced yesterday that he would be leaving the show’s judging panel. Morgan started hosting Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN early this year, and doesn’t think he can juggle both. Now the judging panel consists of a British woman who swears a lot and a man who became famous for putting rubber gloves over his head. [Piers Morgan’s Twitter]

… Fox is shuffling around The X Factor during the week of Thanksgiving. The singing show, which usually airs Wednesday and Thursday, will air on Tuesday and Wednesday (the 22nd and 23rd) that week to avoid clashing with tryptophan comas. [Sun Sentinel]

… Speaking of full bellies, MTV’s Teen Mom 2 returns December 6! Wow! What a slow news day! [E! Online]


… CBS is revamping The Early Show and has pegged Charlie Rose and Gayle King to host the two-hour news show. Word on the street is that the new show will air early next year. [NY Times]

Supernatural will welcome The X-Files‘ Nicholas Lea to guest star as Eliot Ness, the famous fed that brought down Al Capone. Sam and Dean will travel to 1940s Chicago and find out that Ness wasn’t just in the FBI, he was also a hunter! Sounds kind of like “Frontierland,” where Sam and Dean time-traveled to the Old West to meet fellow hunter Samuel Colt. Also, Once Upon a Time‘s Meghan Ory (she plays Little Red Riding Hood), will guest star in episode 11 as a prostitute. Aww yeah. [TV Line]

… More Supernatural news! Misha Collins, who plays Castiel on the CW show, will guest star on Ringer as a man who was partly responsible for the rift between Bridget and Siobhan. Can we start a petition to make sure Collins never plays anyone but Castiel on TV? [TV Guide]

… Jesse Plemons, best known as Landry from Friday Night Lights, will recur on NBC’s midseason comedy Bent. Plemons will play a member of a construction team that already includes J.B. Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm). [TV Line]

… Just because you are the World Series MVP, doesn’t mean you make good career choices. St. Louis Cardinals third baseman David Freese will play himself on ABC’s atrocious midseason comedy Work It. But given how fast this garbage will get canceled, we may never see his episode. [EW]

… Wilmer Valderrama gets way too mentions in News Briefs. Yesterday he booked a guest role on Suburgatory, today he’s got one on NBC’s upcoming Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea. The news here is that it reunites him with his That ’70s Show co-star Laura Prepon. [EW]

Party Down‘s Ryan Hansen will drop by Happy Endings as the next dating disaster for Penny (Casey Wilson). Hansen will play a successful guy who is “style challenged.” [TV Line]

… David Anders (Heroes, Alias) will check in to House early next year as a patient. Early buzz on the episode is that it’s a doozy, and Anders’ role is pivotal for the series. Perhaps he and Dr. House will fall in love! [TV Line]

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