The Simpsons is in danger of going off the air after 23 seasons on it. The issue, of course, is money. Fox is asking the six main voice actors to take a 45 percent pay cut to make the show financially feasible, but the actors are only willing to give up 30 percent. Fox makes billions off the show once merchandising and licensing fees are factored in, and the voice cast currently earns about $ 8 million a year to spend 22 weeks saying lines they don’t even have to memorize. Meanwhile, the Korean children who actually draw the show will still only get three cents a day. [The Daily Beast]

… Showtime’s Dexter is also in trouble, and the issue, of course, is money. Lead actor Michael C. Hall is negotiating next year’s contract, and he’s asking for more than Showtime wants to pay him. Showtime is willing to shell out $ 20 million for two more seasons, but Hall’s camp is asking for $ 24 million. This reminds me of that time I needed to find a dollar in change in my couch cushions but I could only dig up 83 cents. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Kristen Wiig might make the current season of Saturday Night Live her last, and this time it isn’t directly about money. She’s just too good for the show. [Showbiz411]

Terra Nova‘s ratings for Episode 2 were… steady? Wow, that doesn’t happen often. The Fox sci-fi drama maintained the 3.1 rating it earned during its premiere—a surprising feat, since new shows almost always lose a huge portion of their audience in their second outing. [TV By the Numbers]

Ugly Betty showrunner Silvio Horta has been tasked with adapting the website Texts From Last Night into a show. Umm, good luck, dude. [Deadline Hollywood]


… When Burn Notice returns in November, it’ll have to wash a few towels because it’s having guests! Dean Cain, Eric Roberts, and Kristanna Loken will all drop by the spy drama at some point during the half-season. [Sun Sentinel]

… Will Arnett will return to 30 Rock to reprise his role as Jack Donaghy’s rival, Devon Banks. No word yet on when he will appear. Arnett is currently starring on NBC’s Up All Night. [TV Line]

The Wire‘s Chris Bauer will guest-star on Hawaii Five-0 as the manager of an off-shore oil rig. You don’t know who Chris Bauer is? He was Frank Sobatka! In the critically acclaimed series The Wire! You know, the balding guy. Fine, he’s also Andy Bellefluer on True Blood, but we should really try to forget that. [Vulture]


… Ladies, Leonardo Dicaprio is single! He and Gossip Girl star Blake Lively have split up, apparently. But in not-good news for you fellas, it appears that Lively has already moved on to Ryan Reynolds. Let’s see, Dicaprio and then Reynolds… if this trend continues, I should be next. [NY Post]

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