The next James Bond flick may be Dame Judi Dench’’s last.

Dame Judi, 75, has appeared in the last six 007 movies as Bond’’s boss M.

However, rumour has it that her appearance in the upcoming Bond thriller will be her last.

Dame Judi wowed fans when she first starred as Bond’’s long-suffering boss in GoldenEye, which also marked Pierce Brosnan’’s debut as the licensed-to-kill agent.

Rumours about the 23rd Bond flick hit the Internet last week when Josh Mason, a “long-time friend and fan” of Rachel Weisz claimed The Mummy actress, 40, was considering a role as an arch-villain.

Mason also posted plot details of the film, including the Dame Judi shocker, reports the Daily Star.

According to him, the movie’’s working title was The Property Of A Lady, based on a short story by Ian Fleming.

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