Nokia is known for its extensive portfolio of handsets that covers a number of markets. But still Will Harris, the Asia Pacific head of marketing, considers that the company’s future is in software.
The mobile giant is going to launch its popular open-source Symbian Series 60 platform along with Symbian 3 as well as Symbian 4. Apart from that one can expect its Linux-based MeeGo operating system. When all of them are completed they will be open for development from third parties via its Qt framework which can be used on all devices of the company.
Nokia purchased Navteq, a navigation company, to bring further mapping expertise in-house. MeeGo as well as Symbian are open source platforms which later will be combined with Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo operating systems.
In fact, the company is looking for collaboration with other companies in order to create better software.
At present Nokia holds 43.9 per cent of the smartphone market in Australia which is considered to be a major share. But according to Mark Novosel, analyst, Apple has chances to take that position by the end of this year.
In fact, Nokia is more humble about its position in the market compared to the one in the past.

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