Not Fade Away

A group of 1960s suburban youths start a rock band much to the chagrin of their parents in this musical drama from The Sopran… Read More


To get you excited for “Not Fade Away,” we don’t need to say anything more than “Because it’s David Chase.” But this is the season of giving, and Moviefone has an exclusive look at the eagerly-anticipated rock ‘n’ roll drama.

“Not Fade Away” marks Chase’s first efforts on the big screen as a writer-director, since changing television forever with “The Sopranos.” But this time around, he’s tackling a much more relatable subject than organized crime: being a teenager and falling in love with music. Pulling from his own upbringing, Chase tells the story of three friends growing up in the New Jersey suburbs circa 1964. When their lives are changed by the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Bo Diddley, they decide to form their own rock band and begin a tumultuous ride through the decade involving girlfriends, heartbreak, wild hair, wilder clothes, parties and dreams of getting out of their small town.

Not to say that Chase has completely forgotten his “Sopranos” roots: “Not Fade Away” stars James Gandolfini as the lead singer’s disapproving father and Steven Van Zandt produced the film’s soundtrack, which is filled with iconic garage rock anthems.

You can get a taste of “Not Fade Away’s” rocking sounds by watching the exclusive video at the top of this post. You can also read a little more about the film from former Rolling Stones manager, Andrew Loog Oldham here.

“Not Fade Away” arrives in theaters on Friday, December 21.

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