The blogosphere is atwitter this Tuesday afternoon with reports that accused murderer OJ Simpson was recently “beaten unconscious” and hospitalized in the infirmary of a Nevada prison for three weeks after a group of disgruntled White supremacists decided to play a game of “Whoop Dat Trick” with his head in the prison yard.

The shamed sportsman, now 63, is currently serving a 33 year sentence at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center for his role in an armed confrontation with sports memorabilia dealers in Las Vegas in Sept. 2007.

The trouble started after a few tattoo-covered skinheads overheard “The Juice” (AKA “King of The White Girls…) squealing about his numerous sexual conquests of golddigging White woman. According to OJ’s dear pal, Bruce Fromong — who sold news of the prison beating to The National Enquirer.

“He boasted that once he had sex with them, they never wanted to sleep with White guys again. Unfortunately for OJ, a group of young skinhead punks were within earshot — and they were enraged,” Bruce explained. “They waited for a day when he would be in the exercise yard without his usual posse of Black prisoners. OJ was completely unprotected when one of the toughest of the skinheads — who’s in his mid-20s — jumped him.”

The racist proceeded to attack Simpson to the merriment of fellow inmates. Things only got worse as the beating continued, Bruce says: “The skinhead rained blows on OJ’s head, shoulders, and upper body — and continued to punch him savagely after he fell unconscious to the ground. He was covered in blood from deep cuts on his face.”

Awww…poor widdle OJ! (Remind us to string up the violin…)

The entire ordeal has allegedly left Simpson too frightened to leave his cell without protection: “He’s fallen into a deep depression. He spends most of his time confined to his cell, refusing to venture out unless he’s surrounded a posse of inmates he pays for protection.”

Where’s a butcher’s knife when you need one?!

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