Well — This is going to be awk-ward….

The Original Former Mr. JLo is back to battle Mel Gibson for the title of Ex-Lover From Hell after learning that his one-time wife — singer/actress Jennifer Lopez — has inked a $12 million deal to serve as the newest addition to the American Idol judges panel.

This while the former Magic City chief is struggling to hawk calendars on Amazon.com.

Talk about The Breaks.

Just days before she is expected to be presented as an Idol judge, Ojani Noa is reportedly planning to audition for a spot on the show.

Noa is the first husband of the thrice wed former Fly Girl, now 41. The couple wed after a whirlwind romance in 1997 and divorced a year later. That’s when the fun really began. Relations between the exes first turned frosty when Noa was fired as manager of Jennifer’s now-defunct restaurant, Madre’s. Ojani unsuccessfully tried to publish a tell-all book on the star in 2007. More recently, Noa was accused of trying to release a mockumentary about life after Jen and selling a “naughty” video shot during the former couple’s honeymoon 13 years ago.

Now in a move that may prove even more embarrassing to the Latina superstar, Ojani’s manager Ed Meyer says his client will stand in line with other Idol hopefuls to audition in front of Lopez. Forget the age cap, which makes 36-year-old Noa about eight years too “mature” for the A.I. stage. Even worse: he plans to sing one of Lopez’ own songs for her in front of television cameras.

That is if FOX doesn’t have him sequestered first.

“Ojani intends to be in the line at the Forum in Los Angeles on September 22 to try out for American Idol before his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez. He will sing one of her songs and has a great voice, so it will be interesting to see what she thinks of his performance.”

We can take an eductated guess.

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