‘Magic Trip,’ the new documentary about Ken Kesey and his psychedelic impact on the 1960s, hits theaters today in New York City, Berkeley and San Fransisco (before rolling out to more theaters across the country over the next three months). However, the theatrical release is not the first time the movie is being shown. ‘Magic Trip’ has been available at the fingertips of viewers since its On Demand release on July 1st. It represents a growing trend of movies being released On Demand prior to their theatrical releases.

Now you don’t have to live in Los Angeles or New York to see smaller, limited release films. There’s a bevvy of off-beat indie selections that you can currently watch from the comfort of your home or enjoy on the big screen. But which ones are better suited for your couch, and which ones need a night out at theater? Moviefone breaks down all the summer movies available on On Demand.

‘Magic Trip’
What’s It About? Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney (‘Taxi to the Dark Side’) brings a long-unfinished documentary from counter-culture icon Ken Kesey to the big screen. The film details Kesey’s cross-country road-trip with his Neal Cassady (the inspiration for Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’) and the “Merry Brand of Pranksters” — LSD-loving truth-seekers. Over 100 hours of film have been compiled into a highly-anticipated look at the 60s psychedelic movement.
On Demand Release: July 1st
Theatrical Release: August 5th

‘The Shrine’
What’s It About? When an American tourist goes missing in Europe, a group of journalists is determined to get the story. They connect the disappearance to a village in Poland. However, once they delve into the investigation, they find evidence that the locals have been actively practicing human sacrifice, and find themselves as the next targets.
On Demand Release: July 13th
Theatrical Release: July 15th

What’s It About? We’ve seen plenty of bank robbery movies, but ‘Flypaper’ shows us what would happen if a bank was being robbed by two different groups at once. The film finds main characters Tripp (Patrick Dempsey) and the bank teller he is secretly in love with Kaitlin (Ashley Judd) in the middle of this curious situation while adding a comical twist.
On Demand Release: July 15th until October 15th
Theatrical Release: August 19th

‘Burke & Hare’
What’s It About? This black comedy depicts the infamous 19th century story of graverobbers William Burke and William Hare (Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis), grave robbers from Edinburgh, Scotland as they carry out their notorious work. In addition to starring Shaun of the Dead and Gollum, fans are eagerly awaiting this film for director John Landis, the mastermind of classics like ‘An American Werewolf in London’ and ‘Animal House.’
On Demand Release: August 5th
Theatrical Release: September 9th

‘Love Crime’
What’s It About? In this tense French thriller about office politics, ruthless boss Christine (Kristin Scott-Thomas) passes off her assistant Isabelle’s brilliant idea as her own. But Christine miscalculates the young girl’s ambition, and the scene is set for conflict.
On Demand Release: August 24th
Theatrical Release: September 2nd

Coming this Fall…

‘Red State’
What’s It About? Kevin Smith turns a 180 from his usually comical disposition in ‘Red State.’ Three friends take a mom’s car to meet a girl who promised to sleep with them. However, they are drugged and brought to a fundamentalist church, where they are preached to about human sin. They are told they will be punished for the sins of the world, and that they are not the first, or last to be taken. Smith has turned the hype surrounding ‘Red State’ into a traveling sideshow presentation, where he’s set out to prove you don’t need to Hollywood to bring a movie to the masses.
On Demand Release: September 5th
Theatrical Release: October 19th

Let us know in the comments: Are you more willing to check out indie films if they are available On Demand? What kind of movies are worth the theatrical experience to you?

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