Hrithik Roshan, lead actor in the movie Kites, is more than happy for his film getting a great response in overseas markets. However, the film is not doing equally good in the domestic circle.

He has said that our country has finally made a film that has made it to the US top 10 list and it is for the first time that an Indian film has been screened in 37 countries.

Hrithik is not particularly happy with the Indian media which has rated the Kites low. He said that the US and UK media has given full points to the film. “Yes, LA Times, New York Times, Hollywood Reporter, everyone has said good things about the film, and God, our country is putting it down.”

He has said that the film is finding its own audience. He was of the view that he has gone past his Dhoom and Krish image and done something different. Hrithik does not see any reason to put down the film just because it is different.

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