Ozzy Osbourne has recently revealed to the press that he simply hated to participate in the reality show on MTV about his family that made them all so popular.

It was said in his latest interview to AOL Music’s Spinner concerning his new album “Scream” promotion, when the musician revealed the whole truth that he wasn’t enjoying the process of shooting the show which made real mega stars out of Sharon, his wife, Jack and Kelly, his children. Even their dogs became popular stars!

The heavy metal star can’t even hide his negative emotions and his hatred when he recalls the Osbournes reality show when the whole family was on TV.

At the very beginning nobody could even assume that those reality series would become number one popular, so-called revolutionary by their nature. After that a number of sequels were launched depicting everyday life in different other families.

Ozzy Osbourne continues his reminiscences about that reality show. He adds that nobody intended to make it so big. According to him once a person puts his head in a prepared noose all he is left to do is to wait – until he gets in that trap. And there is no other way out.

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