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According to the new reports, Apple iPhone 4G is slated for its launch in June. This conformation has come from BoyGeniusReports as it wrote a small blurb today about the phone.
The site has speculated that the phone is ready for its early launch in next month. So, this means that the much awaited […] Continue reading Apple’s iPhone set for early June launc

Wired Magazine, the widely-distributed tech publication, has now ventured into the field of mobile phones and gets praise from reviewers for its great features. The magazine now reports on iPad app as well and has designed a whole new magazine around it. The aim is to maximize the reading experience about iPad.
The Wired […] Continue reading Magazine on iPad app gets lavishing reviews

They have not yet married but Valerie Bertinelli and Tom Vitale are already enjoying their time that they spend together. One of their friends has told the magazine PEOPLE that the couple is already at their honeymoon stage.
They love each other very much. Bertinelli engaged Vitale in March, it was the time when […] Continue reading Valerie Bertinelli Feels happy when she is with her Fiancé Tom Vitale

Simon Monjack who recently died was suffering from heart problems. The doctors advised Simon to undergo an emergency operation but he did not want to. Moreover, he had to pay a big prize for the operation.
Monjack was found dead in his Hollywood home where he was living with Simon, mother of Brittany Murphy. The […] Continue reading Simon Monjack Had to Undergo Surgery

The Duchess of York apologized after a news report broke out that she took bribes for offering access to her former husband, Prince Andrew. Sarah Fergusons’ actions were taped by a reporter who promised to pay £500,000 as part of the deal and actually did make an initial payment of £27,600.
The news reporter approached […] Continue reading Sarah Ferguson Apologies for Ger Actions