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Park it, Ashton! There’s a new Sheriff raising through the social ranks of Twitter, and professional prankster Ashton Kutcher doesn’t seem too pleased about his Tweetin’ crown being snatched by a pop princess.Over the weekend, Britney Spears soared past Ashton in Twitter followers, netting nearly 10,000 more devotees than Mr. Demi Moore — one of […] Continue reading Britney Spears Is The New Queen Of Twitter; Pop Tart Bounces Ashton Kutcher As World’s Most Followed Tweeter

BEIJING (Reuters) – Almost a year after Michael Jackson’s death, the spirit of the King of Pop appears to live on in a 4-year-old Chinese boy, who is fast becoming an international dance sensation. Wang Yiming, who is known as Xiao Bao or “little treasure,” has already been making waves across the world with his dance moves, appearing on U … Continue reading 4-year-old Jackson impersonator a thriller

No alcohol, no drugs, no work outside of Los Angeles, and a not-so-trendy new bracelet — those are just a few of the rules Lindsay Lohan will have to abide by if she wants to remain free, a California judge said Monday.Lohan avoided arrest after failing to show up for probation hearing by posting $100,000 […] Continue reading Judge Throws Book & Booze Bracelet At Lindsay Lohan

The always-enterprising Kardashian women are setting the record straight on rumored plastic surgery, E!’s supposed wedding deal with Kourtney Kardashian-Odom, and Kris Jenner’s take on Kim’s nude centerfold on the pages of Playboy during a candid new interview with Nightline ABC Cynthia McFadden. Mom and Sisters dish tonight @ 11:35PM. Continue reading Kardashians “Nightline” Interview Sets Record Straight On Rumors

Monica Bellucci and husband Vincent Cassel have welcomed their second child. According to PEOPLE, the Academy Award-winning Italian star, 45, gave birth to daughter Leonie in Rome on Friday. Bellucci and Cassel are already parents to 5-year-old daughter Deva. Bellucci will next share the silver screen with cash-strapped star Nic Cage in the upcoming period drama […] Continue reading Monica Bellucci Gives Birth To Baby Girl Leonie