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Sex and the City ladies sizzle in hot shades on the red carpet during Monday night’s red carpet premiere of Sex And The City 2. With fashion playing the sixth major character (of course, NYC is the fifth) in the SATC franchise, all eyes were on the dresses as the stars of the show stepped […] Continue reading Sizzlin’ “Sex And The City 2″ World Premiere

Last March, the season finale of the romantic reality show The Bachelor showed that Vienna Girardi got engage with the former pilot bachelor, Jake Pavelka. Unfortunately, after the show, Vienna Girardi did not get to spend so much time celebrating with her fiancée. Jake Pavelka immediately started to rehearse since he is part of the […] Continue reading Winners of the Bachelors Vienna will make their debut at Dancing with the Stars

Katherine Heigi knows that there is no better instinct than a mother’s. She said that it is true especially when it comes to taking care of their kids. Katherine Naleigh is now a mom to Naleigh, her 17-month old daughter. She said that a mother’s instincts are always better than the natural feeling of the […] Continue reading Katherine Heigi believes in her parental instinct

After the world knew about the illicit affair that Jesse James and Michelle McGee had, the former husband of Sandra Bullock is now dubbed as the Most Hated Man in America today. However, during his first interview since the issue exploded, Jesse James feels like he was at a point lower than that. The actor […] Continue reading Jesse James feels that he is the most hated man today

The stars that will be coming at the Cannes Film Festival will be supporting Lindsay Lohan as she faces a legal turmoil.
During the 17th amfAR Cinema against AIDS, Reuters had the chance to have a small talk with singer Mary J. Blige. She said that she understands what Lindsay Lohan is going through and this […] Continue reading Stars at the Cannes Film Festival are trying to give Lohan support