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Three decades ago, Harrison Ford was part of the Empire Strikes Back and played the role of Han Solo. This is a part of the trilogy of the historical and legendary Star Wars. During this time, Harrison Ford was very much aware of the reputation of his co-star Alec Guinness as one of the legendary […] Continue reading Harrison Ford Is Having his Own Star War against Aging

In just a couple of weeks, the handsome princes, Harry and William, will be out for their first overseas tour together.
The two young princes are bound to South Africa. Their tour starts from the 14th of June. However, the trip would only last for 5 days. On the 19th of June, the brothers will go […] Continue reading Know how Prince Harry and Prince William will Spend their Summer holidays

Bono is best known as the front man of the infamous band from Ireland – U2. Recently, his band members posted online that Bono was rushed to the hospital for an emergency back surgery.
According to the message posted at their website,, Bondo is currently undergoing a back surgery as a result of injury that […] Continue reading Emergency Back Surgery for Bono

Last Wednesday, Sarah Ferguson and her daughter Princess Beatrice were seen at a charity event in Newcastle. The event was the unveiling of the new cancer unit for teens in the said area.
The next day they continued their mother-daughter bonding by attending another event that supports the same cause for the children. During the 10th […] Continue reading Sarah Ferguson and Princess Beatrice Attended Charity Ball

Here is a selection of treats, shocks, rows and other highlights from the 63rd Cannes film festival which ran from May 12 to 23. The prizes are awarded on Sunday evening. Robin the rich Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett kicked off the festival with the blockbuster “Robin Hood”. Blanchett charmed the red carpet while Crowe’s odd accent in the … Continue reading Highlights of Cannes film festival