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TV mogul Simon Cowell claims shopping with fiancé Mezhgan Hussainy is the most difficult thing he has ever done in his life.
The two have been together after they met on the sets of American Idol.
“Shopping with Mezhgan is harder than anything I have ever done,” the Telegraph quoted him, as writing on Twitter.
The couple hasn’t [...] Continue reading Simon Cowell ‘complains’ about Mezhgan Hussainy on Twitter

X Factor star Simon Cowell has been telling his friends he fears the number of good acts on ‘Britain’ Got Talent’ are “drying out”.
Cowell, 50, was overheard confessing to friends that he felt that “the pond had been fished dry”, reports the Mirror.
The success of Susan Boyle last year and several dance acts attracted 19.2million [...] Continue reading Simon Cowell thinks top Britain’’s Got Talent acts are “drying out”

Liam Hemsworth has come to the defence of girlfriend Miley Cyrus over a saucy video, insisting that she “has a good head on her shoulders”.
The teenage sensation, who shot to fame with her role in Disney’s Hannah Montana series, was seen in a raunchy video, showing her dirty dancing with a movie producer.
Miley has been [...] Continue reading Miley Cyrus’ beau defends her pole dancing video

Kate Hudson found it hard to film a violent scene with Casey Affleck in new movie ‘The Killer Inside Me’ because she couldn’t stop laughing.
Affleck spanks the actress, while lying semi-naked on a bed in the scene.
“There were a couple (of spankings) in there when I thought, ”God, Casey!” He got a bit of power [...] Continue reading Hudson couldn”t stop laughing while filming spanking scene in new film

Actress Anne Hathaway has made no claim over the gifts she received from her ex-boyfriend/scam-artist Raffaello Follieri.
The stunner, 27, had until February to file a petition asserting ownership of her gifts from con man Follieri, but neither she nor any other “third parties” have staked a claim, prosecutors claimed.
In August 20008, the actress coughed up [...] Continue reading Anne Hathaway makes no claim over former conman lover’s gifts