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One of the earliest: Kim Kardashian, who is guest of Fox News. Kim’s spike Louboutin trials were not for navigating the entire lawn of the home, at that place party took place. They did not stop her from giving autographs on the same time mingling in the crowd that included.
Ok…who was Kim waiting at that […] Continue reading White House Correspondents’ Festivities Kicked off

Remember the legendary music star, Michael Jackson who died of acute “propofol” intoxication at the age of 50 last year in June. After that day, the news associated with the singer has always been interesting and somewhat shocking at times.
Now, in the news is Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson’s long-time friend and physician who […] Continue reading Michael Jackson’s Doctor Afraid of Death Threats

The People Magazine has recently perceived a big personal revelation by Chely Wright, the country singer as the TMZ reports and will be printed in the next issue next week. As we know, the fan followers of the genre of music are somewhat more conservative, so their reaction to the news is going to be […] Continue reading Chely Wright as Country Singer

Bullock James house is now for sale. Do you know why?? As Sandra filed divorce papers. It was done in Los Angeles. Jesse has planned to sell out all spread or huge business. You may remain dumb struck because the sale price for the house to be sold off is $5,995,000. No worry! You can […] Continue reading House for Sale from Bullock James

After months of denials, Bones star David Boreanaz is finally copping to tabloid rumors romantically-linking him to at least two extramartial affairs– including one with Tiger Woods Mistress #1 Rachel Uchitel — in a bid to thwart an extortion attempt. Angel, how could you!!?Boreanaz has confessed to being unfaithful to his wife of nine years, […] Continue reading David Boreanaz Cheating Confession Comes In Wake Of Extortion Scandal