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Microsoft has totally rejected Google’s charge that it lacks in cloud-based collaboration capabilities. The company has said that its customers are fully satisfied with the collaboration services and it can be proved through the results.
Refuting the allegations, the company’s senior marketing manager Tracy Overby has said, “Microsoft delivers the best productivity experience and we have […] Continue reading Cloud-collaboration issue hots-up between Microsoft and Google

As an exercise to grab attention of the car market, Volkswagen has showcased a sketch of its new Sedan car that it is likely to be launched in the Indian market later this year. The car will be manufactured at the company’s plant at Chakan, Pune.
Going by the sketch, it has the capability […] Continue reading Volkswagen reveals design of new Sedan

One of the great innovators in the modern Indian cinema, Maniratnam has finally found reorganization from his global counterparts. The veteran filmmaker has been chosen for Jaeger LeCoultre ‘Glory to the Filmmaker’ award at the 67the Venice International Film Festival.
The prestigious and highly acclaimed award has so far been given to the […] Continue reading Mani Ratnam to be recognized with global cinema greats

Never before a movie star has caught the imagination of his fans as Hrithik Roshan is getting the attention in the city. Ticket prices of the leading Bollywood star have soon- to- be- released Kites have skyrocketed in the multiplexes of the city. For the first time in past seven years, after the plexes were […] Continue reading Kites tickets fly high in Calcutta, but Hrithik fans willing to pay

Porsche, Germany’s super car maker has entered the Indian market with the launch of its Porsche 911 GT2 RS. The car is aimed at those who look for super-speed on road and are affluent. In the initial stage only 500 cars are being launched worldwide. Such limited numbers of cars mean that even rich Indians […] Continue reading A supercar launched in Indian market