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Tom cruise is said to be eager to make Charlotte Church big in Hollywood.
The 24-year-old actress has apparently caught Cruise’s attention and that actor wants to turn ‘Over The Rainbow’ into a film goddess.
“Tom and Katie think Charlotte would be great in a Broadway show and reckon she has a blossoming career ahead in [...] Continue reading Tom Cruise ‘desperate to make Charlotte Church big in Hollywood’

Ex-Oasis rocker Liam Gallagher says he knows nothing about fashion even as the star has unveiled his own clothing line.
Liam’’s Pretty Green range hit the stores in 2009 and has been quite successful, but the 37-year-old still has no favourites when it comes to dresses.
“I haven”t got a favourite designer or anything. I like what [...] Continue reading Liam Gallagher admits he knows nothing about fashion

Kate Price and hubby Alex Reid will soon be shadowed by more bodyguards after the couple were recently caught in a scuffle with drunken blokes, it has emerged.
Price a.k.a. Jordan could do nothing more than yelp for help when she was torn away from cagefighter Reid as the pair tried to enter a nightclub. [...] Continue reading Jordan, Alex Reid to beef up their security after mob scuffle

Actress Emma Thompson says work saved her from depression during difficult times.
The Oscar winner, 50, has opened up about her life and how she began suffering from depression.
“I think my first bout of that was when I was doing Me and My Girl, funnily enough,” the Telegraph quoted her, as saying on Radio 4′’s Desert [...] Continue reading Work saved Emma Thompson from depression

Supermodel Kate Moss is reportedly set to make her stage debut in ‘The Tempest’.
The 36-year-old catwalk queen is said to have landed a minor role as a nymph in an upcoming version of Shakespeare”””’’s play.
Moss was reportedly roped in following a series of meetings and phone calls with Kevin Spacey who is overseeing the production [...] Continue reading Kate Moss ”to make stage debut with nymph role in Shakespeare”’’s ””The Tempest’