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More than 50 percent of people in a survey have said they prefer a kiss and cuddle to sex in a relationship.
The survey claims sex comes after commitment, companionship and humour in a successful relationship. Surprisingly, it is men who are more than happy to smooch on a sofa rather than romp in the bedroom, [...] Continue reading A cuddle is ‘better than sex’

Visual Studio 2010 Express packages free tools that provide the latest development environment including a new inbuilt editor Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) as well as support the .NET Framework 4. The Visual Studio Express Edition also gains multi-monitor support and the new IDE.
The Visual Studio 2010 Express has a unique feature for users to [...] Continue reading Immensely featured Visual Studio 2010 Express

After the failure of GSLV-D3, now India is looking forward to launch the advanced remote-sensing satellite called Cartosat-2B at 10 am on May 9 from Sriharikota spaceport.
This high-resolution spacecraft is developed to support operational life for five years.
Yesterday the GSLV-D3 mission failed to flight-test the indigenous cryogenic engine after the rocket lost the signals and [...] Continue reading Cartosat-2B will launch on May 9-ISRO

The Short Message System (SMS) services in the state of Jammu and Kashmir have been abandoned by the government so as to reduce terrorism. The Union Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications & IT has sent directives to 12 Unified Access Services (UAS) and Cellular Mobile Telephone Service (CMTS) licensees.
The companies that have been given [...] Continue reading SMS service banned for postpaid subscribers in Jammu and Kashmir

Last year Google added the multi-attachment feature to Gmail and now Google has recently added a latest feature to drag and drop the attachment file in Gmail. Right now this feature runs just in latest web browsers like Firefox 3.6 and Google Chrome.
it had been real messy to locate files in different folders to attach [...] Continue reading Gmail gets Drag and Drop feature to Attach Files