Gwyneth Paltrow has reportedly decided to pull out of new film ‘The Danish Girl’ because of co-star Nichole Kidman.

Sources say that Kidman’s cold reactions turned off Paltrow and she decided to step out from the project.

Paltrow was shooting for her upcoming film ‘Love Don’t Let Me Down’ in Nashville, which is near to place where Kidman lives, and tried to get in touch with her, but the Aussie actress declined.

“Gwyneth made the effort to get in touch with Nicole but Nicole declined,” the Daily Telegraph quoted a source as saying.

“Gwyneth is on her own and lonely, it would have been nice for Nicole to make the effort,” the source added.

Paltrow has, however, said that she has quit the project due to tiredness.

“Some days I feel like everyone in my world has plugged themselves into my kidneys. I”m so tired,” she told Harper’’s Bazaar magazine.

A rep for Paltrow said: “Chris (Martin, her husband) and Gwyneth have spent a lot of time apart. This way she gets more family time””

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