It’s true: Paris Hilton was “treated differently” during her brief stint in a Las Vegas jail following a cocaine bust last month, but it wasn’t for her safety, officials say.

On Aug. 27, Hilton was arrested alongside boyfriend Cy Waits for cocaine possession after .08 grams of cocaine was discovered in her handbag. But authorities in Sin City have raised the ire of critics after he was disclosed that the hotel heiress spent only three hours in police custody at the Clark County Detention Center — that’s half the time it takes to process laypersons picked up on similar charges.

Officials at the correctional facility have defended the decision to speed up the process for the socialite, arguing her presence would have caused too much chaos among the inmates. And despite her seemingly special treatment, the officer insisted Paris was still subject to all regular booking procedures.

“Yeah, she was treated differently so I don’t have a disruption of my process here at the county jail. When you bring in somebody like that, everybody comes over and tries to look at them. I’d have officers attempting to keep inmates away from her. I’d have disruptions,” Jim Dixon, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Deputy Chief, said.

The heiress has denied the charges, insisting the cocaine did not belong to her as she had borrowed the bag from a friend. Hilton is set to appear before Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Joe Bonaventure on Oct. 27. She is facing up to four years behind bars.

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