In an interview between the covers of the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Kim Kardashian pooh-poohed reports that she was on the outs with socialite Paris Hilton by explaining that she’d simply outgrown her friendship with her childhood pal — and her recent actions seem to support that claim. The former BFFs appeared anything but frenemies at Interscope’s Grammy Afterparty in Los Angeles Sunday night. Shortly before a performance from pop sensation Lady Gaga, Kardashian approached the heiress with a warm embrace that stunned loose-lipped Goss Watchers, one onlooker recalls.

“Kim approached Paris. Paris was with her mom, and sister, Nicky. Paris and Kim warmly embraced and genuinely seemed happy to see each other, which seemed to surprise fellow partygoers,” says the spywitness. “Kim wished Paris a happy birthday (Paris’ birthday is Feb 17th), and Kim complimented Paris on her outfit. Paris also complimented Kim and thanked her for the kind things she said about Paris in the Haper’s Bazaar interview.”

The onlooker adds: “Kim was extremely classy in approaching Paris. The so-called feud between Paris and Kim was mostly driven by the media. Paris and Kim were close for a very long time, they just drifted apart. It happens, there is no bad blood there at all. In fact, it’s just the opposite, the girls have a lot of love for each other.”

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