Patrick Swayze’s widow has teamed up with Extra TV to help the critically and terminally ill as a patient advocate.

Lisa Niemi, who nursed Swayze through his final days as he battled pancreatic cancer, has been added to the Lifechangers Team on the syndicated entertainment newsmagazine. Lisa’s job is to provide emotional and physical support to people who need it and to ensure that they’re receiving the best treatment possible.

In her own way, Lisa’s honoring her late love.

“For all of my husband’s illness, I’d remember things he had forgotten. He thought he lost his appetite, but I said, ‘No honey, that isn’t the way it worked. I had lists. I had the medications. I knew just how much he needed, the what, when, where and why,” says the former dancer, who was married to the Ghost star for more than 30 years before his death last September.

“I was an advocate for Patrick because I didn’t know any other way to be. But, during that time, I learned that getting the right help involves asking the right questions, and sometimes that’s the hardest thing for the patient to do,” Lisa added.

The grieving widow’s first assignment is helping a young woman fighting a blood disease.

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