Paula Abdul “lives to dance!”

….Unfortunately for her, few people care.

The former American Idol judge’s is said to be “devastated” after learning that her shortlived CBS dance reality competition Live to Dance has not been renewed for a second season on The Eye. The show, which also featured former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt and choreographer Travis Payne, debuted to 10 million viewers — trumping even NBC’s The Biggest Loser — when it premiered last month, but it didn’t take look for the audience to lose interest.

“Paula kept hoping week after week that her show would pick up new viewers,” says a tipster. “But each week the ratings trailed off. It ended with only a little more than 4 million viewers watching the final… way too few for CBS to keep Paula’s dream dance show alive.”

Now tasting bitter defeat and unemployment, Paula’s holding out hope that there’ll be a Coke Pepsi cup with her name on it when The X Factor debuts on FOX this fall.

The insider adds: “Although there’s been talk she may be asked to join Simon Cowell’s new X Factor show this fall, she’s not been asked. And because of the way she treated Simon when she left Idol… demanding more money than they were willing to pay… she fears her diva attitude back then will cause her to lose out on an X Factor invitation. Now all she can do is sit tight and wait to see if her phone rings, and if it does, hope it will be Simon on the other end.”

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