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‘People of Earth’ unlocks the past to give Beacon’s alien conspiracy

Almost halfway through the first season of TBS’s oddball comedy (?) “People of Earth,” we’re finally getting some much-needed details regarding what the heck is going on in Beacon, New York. And while Ozzie (Wyatt Cenac) continues to make a home for himself in the quaint little town, the show diverts its gaze to StarCrossed’s leader, Gina Morrison (Ana Gasteyer).

Not only do we get a peek into Gina’s past, where she made her living as a semi-successful therapist, we’re given a look at her first alien encounter… And her second. What ultimately made her ditch that former life, though, was the responsibility she felt for a patient’s death. Her mission to relocate brought her right to Gerry’s (Luka Jones) tollbooth and, lo and behold, an alien abduction support group was born.

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From afar, StarCrossed may seem like a harmless group of people just trying to find their way through life. But for Jonathan (Michael Cassidy) and his reptilian bosses, it’s as big of a threat as anything he and his alien race have seen throughout their time on our planet. When he’s advised to “get a donut,” we’re given a “Men in Black”-style look behind the proverbial curtain as Jonathan is called into a very important meeting with his superior.

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It’s not quite certain why there is such interest in Ozzie, but the ominous meeting sends his old boss to Beacon where, after an awkward catch-up with his former employee, Jonathan informs him he’s purchased the Beacon “Gazette.” The move was supposed to send Ozzie packing — to keep him from recovering locked away memories — but the opposite transpired as, with the help of his support group buddies, he surprises everyone when he returns to work the following day.

For all intents and purposes, it seems Ozzie’s in this for the long haul at Beacon. And why shouldn’t he be? Not only is he still plagued by visions of talking deer, he may just have some repressed memories pointing back to an unremembered childhood in the small town. While we are not sure what role his father played in his upbringing, it’s now quite certain that Jonathan Walsh has played a larger role in Ozzie’s life. But, for how long? That seems to be the biggest mystery.

“People of Earth” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TBS.

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