Despite the fact that Peter Facinelli can easily turn into an ancient vampire, the Eclipse star is an ordinary American guy in real life.

The 36-year-old actor is better known to the public as Carlisle Cullen, daddy vampire in the series of Twilight. The star reveals to PEOPLE that he prefers to celebrate 4th of July in a classic way – tending to the grill and watching fireworks.

He proceeds that this day would be the loudest, nosiest day of the whole year as everyone would lighten fireworks in the streets when he was a child. That is why, in his opinion, he is keen on seeing the fireworks because they remind Peter of the happy moments in the past.

But this weekend fireworks won’t be the only stuff set on fire. Peter Facinelli will turn out to become a grilling master at his star hit Nurse Jackie.

He boasts that the recipe of perfect barbeque is simple: at first it is necessary to grill the chicken and only then to add the barbeque sauce. Furthermore, the sauce should be added within the last five minutes of grilling. He continues that if barbeque sauce is added too soon, nothing good will happen out of it: the sauce will simply burn off.

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