The public has recently been given the possibility to see Google Voice, a desktop application, in action. After that, fans of this application organized an on-line petition at

They claimed Google to introduce Google Voice to the public. In addition they wrote: their petition reflected the great demand for the product. The final goal is to collect not less than 500,000 signatures, however, only about 2,400 users signed that document.

Google Voice is a service available for free which permits its users to combine diverse phone numbers such as one’s home, work, mobile into a single number. So, if a call is received, all the phones will start ringing at the same time. And a user can pick up any nearest phone. Last month, this telecommunication service was opened to all users in the USA.

If you, after reading this article, have decided to sign the petition, visit this site and press “Sign This Petition” button. It is possible to sign with the help of MySpace ID, Twitter, or Facebook. By the way, one’s name, ZIP code, and e-mail address will be enough to accomplish the signing procedure.

It has never been announced by Google that it would work on a desktop telephony app. On the contrary, it was known long ago that the company was trying to improve Google Voice as a Web client.

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