Planet Bollywood News – Salman Khan meets his first love, Lara Dutta

Planet Bollywood News – Salman Khan meets his first love, Lara Dutta flaunts her baby- bump, & more hot news…

Arunoday Singh: I think Salman Khan is very cool Lara Dutta flaunts her baby- bump Salman Khan & Abhishek Bachchan react to a plagiarized paper article Salman Khan meets his first love Salman Khan refuses to work with Ashutosh Gowarikar Shahrukh & Salman Khan at Dilip Kumar’s party Your one stop destination for all the latest happenings,hot rumours and exclusive B-Town gossip… Subscribe NOW! Follow us on twitter, facebook & Google+: Also check out our website:
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4 thoughts on “Planet Bollywood News – Salman Khan meets his first love, Lara Dutta

  1. narrator of dilip kumar ‘s party part is really very sucks….jara jyada hi ho raha hai !!! katrina kaif ko pata bhi nahi hoga dilip kumar ne konsi movies ki hai !! all drama …..and zoom is really sucks

  2. I do not know why the media linking
    the friendship In love relationships
    And the two sides can not be merged The difference is clear In this matter
    And this with respect
    This is not exclusive news
    “The first love for Salman Khan” it old friendship and fellowship
    They became lovers Excuse me.. Reasonable ..?!
    this scenario is not convincing to some extent
    and the Secret in heart of Mr. Salman
    and wish him every success in his personal life and career With thanks ..

  3. YES Salman khan did the right thing… if the movie goes bad salman is responsible He couldn’t make his name bad for his good or selfish friends.. ..because if movie flops salman is to blame …………. it’s not salman’s (proud) proudness Just he’s taking steps carefully…. LARA dutta is not publicity psycho like Amitabh & Ash…………..Heroine movie is kareena kapoor’s movie and Movie will run because of Kareena like(before chameli) other things are worthless

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